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Blackcurrant distillate OVII 500 ml
Blackcurrant distillate OVII 500 ml
Blackcurrant distillate OVII 500 ml

Blackcurrant distillate OVII 500 ml

Drake Distillery

The French drink eau-de-vie, the English have fruit brandy, the Germans have Schnaps, and we have spirits. However, the idea is the same and seemingly simple: distillation of the most expressive essence from the best quality fruit. Theory for yourself, and practice for yourself, because controlling all the variables in this process is basically impossible. Therefore, the number of possible combinations and results is virtually infinite, and we have the ambition to know as many of them as possible!

About the nutritional and health values of black currant does not need to convince anyone. It is difficult to say whether the distillate created from them has taken over these properties, but tasting it certainly improves well-being – each glass is a perfectly balanced essence of fruit with a fresh but delicate taste. We do not impose on anyone how to enjoy it, but we suggest: it works perfectly after a meal, cleanly, as a digestif.

Pure, perfectly fruity, tart aroma of black currant. In taste also pure black currant, gently leaves. Delicate, but oily and very expressive currant finish.

Awards and distinctions: Gold Medal Warsaw Spirits Competition 2019, Silver Medal London Spirits Competition 2020.

Capacity: 500 ml, alcohol content: 40%

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