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Dwójniak Jabłkowy mead (apple double...
Dwójniak Jabłkowy mead (apple double...
Dwójniak Jabłkowy mead (apple double...

Dwójniak Jabłkowy mead (apple double mead) 750 ml

Pasieka Jaros

Apple dizziness

Are your taste buds ready to listen to a symphony of flavors in which the duo is leading the way: bee honey and natural apple juice? If so, let them taste the delicious Apple Double from the Jaros Apiary. In this drink, thick and syrupy, you will find the harmony of sweetness, behind which the presence of apple juice is revealed. So it's sweet, but in a balanced way. Just in time to fall in love with the Apple Double and invite him regularly to the home table.

Phenomenal taste cannot be a coincidence

And it's not. The perfection of the Apple Double consists of many elements. First of all — the highest quality bee honey. Secondly — natural apple juice, which replaces at least 30% of the water necessary for production. Thirdly and finally, a long period of aging in optimal conditions. Don't believe me? Let the medals won at many mead competitions speak, including:

  • gold at the XII National Competition of Wines and Meads Ciechocinek 2003,
  • gold at the International Mead Festival Boulder (Co) 2007,
  • silver at the International Mead Competition MAZER CUP Boulder (Co) 2009.

Capacity: 750 ml, alcohol content: 16%

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