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Dwójniak Kasztel Nidzicki mead...
Dwójniak Kasztel Nidzicki mead...
Dwójniak Kasztel Nidzicki mead...

Dwójniak Kasztel Nidzicki mead (double mead) 500 ml

Miody Nidzica

Noble taste shaped by 15 years of aging

For more than six decades, the fruits of Nidzica honey have been pampering the palates of mead enthusiasts. One of them, Dwójniak Kasztel Nidzicki 500 ml with a 16% alcohol content, is a particularly unique drink, after all, the moment when it goes to the barrels, and the moment when you can finally taste it, is separated by as much as 15 years. Such a long aging period is a guarantee of non-repetitive taste sensations, but also the feeling that you have a unique drink in front of you, a nobleman among meads.

A wealth of spices and additives

In addition to the poetic sweetness of honey, you will also find a rich composition of spices and additives. In this amber drink flows the power of carefully selected herbs with healing properties and local origin, and the textbook harmony of taste is complemented by a multitude of spices. Dwójniak Kasztel Nidzicki will dance in your mouth as you play it, because it tastes as good cold as when heated.

Capacity: 500 ml, alcohol content: 16%

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