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Dwójniak Lipiec mead (double mead)...
Dwójniak Lipiec mead (double mead)...
Dwójniak Lipiec mead (double mead)...

Dwójniak Lipiec mead (double mead) 750 ml

Pasieka Jaros

Let summer last forever

As the old Polish proverb convinces: "July flower, healthy drink". This applies not only to the infusion of linden flower, but also to linden honey. It was on its basis – and only him – that the excellent Dwójniak Lipiec 750 ml was created, a liquor with a light straw color and a strong aroma of linden. Taste the delicate sweetness enriched with a hint of bitterness of linden honey. Enjoy the taste of summer even on cool winter evenings by the fireplace.

Award-winning quality

Dwójniak Lipiec – this mead was created by fermenting purely linden bee honey from the Borecka Forest. Thanks to many years of aging, it was possible to achieve a noble, expressive taste, which was appreciated by the jury of many competitions. Dwójniak Lipiec won m.in:

  • silver medal at the XIX International Beekeeping Congress "Apislavia", which took place on 19-23 September 2012 in Pszczela Wola,
  • silver medal at the X International Mead Competition MAZER CUP (USA) 2018.

Capacity: 750 ml, alcohol content: 16%

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