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Kongemjød- Gorm den Gamle (Kongemjod-...
Kongemjød- Gorm den Gamle (Kongemjod-...
Kongemjød- Gorm den Gamle (Kongemjod-...

Kongemjød- Gorm den Gamle (Kongemjod- Gorm den Gamle) 500 ml - Danish mead


Since the inspiration for creating this drink was Gorm the Old, a king who liked sweets and who was a man of power and wanted the best, there was no doubt that this mead should be full of the best ingredients and that nothing should be missing in it. Real royal mead!

Gorm den Gamle is a sweet, full and complex mead, despite its heavy notes, has a fresh acidity and a slight bitterness that balance it. In the taste, a pronounced honey sweetness is also felt. Apples add sourness to the drink and create a delicate balance for strong late summer honey. Kvan, on the other hand, gives a slightly sharp aftertaste, which adheres to the palate. The smoky aroma of this mead and its fullness of taste bring to mind heavy red wines aged in a barrel.

Kongemjød – Gorm den Gamle goes well with cheeses and desserts, but its full taste and light tannins make it also good with red meat.

Capacity: 500 ml, alcohol content: 15%

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