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Krynicki dwójniak mead (double mead)...
Krynicki dwójniak mead (double mead)...
Krynicki dwójniak mead (double mead)...

Krynicki dwójniak mead (double mead) 750 ml

Ami Honey

A tradition cultivated over generations

Years pass, times change, technology offers more and more possibilities, and Krynicki Dwójniak as he was, remained so. Exquisite in taste, syrupy in consistency, herbal in character. This liquor is a solid bridge connecting the present with history, modern honey making with traditional recipes made many generations back. Get to know the noble taste of dark autumn honeys, which in the company of specific Polish herbs create a perfectly balanced bouquet.

A taste that ripens over the years

Krynicki Dwójniak is mead with a 16% alcohol content. It owes its expressive taste to an excellent recipe and specially prepared oak barrels, in which it has been aged for at least 5 years. It tastes delicious both cold and hot. It will also work as an addition to drinks, enriching them with a characteristic herbal and spicy sweetness. Taste it and you will not be disappointed.

Capacity: 750 ml, alcohol content: 16%

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