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URT 2016 500 ml - Danish mead
URT 2016 500 ml - Danish mead
URT 2016 500 ml - Danish mead

URT 2016 500 ml - Danish mead

Malling Mjød

Medium sweet mead with the taste of wild cherry, blackthorn and meadow. The honey from which it was produced comes from Klintrup, cherries and blackthorn are harvested in Østjylland, and the meadow herb comes from Beder, 4 km from the honey plant. URT should be consumed as an aperitif, well cooled or shaken with ice and gin. It goes great with creamy desserts, strong cheeses . . . in a word: with everything that has cream in it. Also delicious for nuts, dried fruits, sweet cookies, any cakes. URT should be consumed at a temperature of 6 to 15° Celsius.

Capacity: 500 ml, alcohol content: 14.5%

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