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Podole Wielkie Rye vodka 700 ml in a...
Podole Wielkie Rye vodka 700 ml in a...
Podole Wielkie Rye vodka 700 ml in a...

Podole Wielkie Rye vodka 700 ml in a carton

Gorzelnia Podole Wielkie

This product proves that vodka does not have to be boring. It is an aromatic combination of ripe fruits, biscuits and cardamom complemented by the taste of sweet, roasted grain and warm spices felt long after emptying the glass.

Vodka won the gold medal in the Warsaw Spirits Competition 2019.

Liquors from Podolia Wielki are created in spite of the white alcohols' striving for neutrality. Using the highest quality raw materials, distilling in a custom-made copper column, we managed to preserve the taste of the raw material in the final product. This approach to distillation results in variability of taste depending on the year, field or variety of potatoes and cereals. That is why the spirits "Podole Wielkie" are vintage, and the philosophy of their production is analogous to the French terroir.

Aroma - smoky, ripe fruits, butter, biscuits, cardamom.

Taste - sweet ripe fruits, roasted grain, shortcrust dough.

Finish - long, roasted grain, pepper, cardamom, slightly salty, dried fruits.

Capacity: 700 ml, alcohol content: 40%

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