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Sandomierski Trójniak Blenda mead...
Sandomierski Trójniak Blenda mead...
Sandomierski Trójniak Blenda mead...

Sandomierski Trójniak Blenda mead (triple mead) 500 ml

Ami Honey

Unusual combination

Unusual, because as the first in the world, we combined different types of triplets into one – Sandomierz blend of mead triplets. The blended triple is a unique combination of triplets with different characters in mind to create honey with an unprecedented palette of flavors. For this purpose, we reached for the freshness and delicate sweetness of spring honey triplets, we combined them with a hint of natural, autumn tartness and woody aroma of fired oak barrels, creating an unforgettable feast for the senses.

Centuries-old tradition of triplets

Among meads, it is the triplets that are the most popular among novice enthusiasts of this type of liquor. Due to their taste versatility, they are an excellent prelude to being interested in stronger honeys - doubles and half-tracks. Sandomierz Trójniak 500 ml, containing 13% alcohol, aged for a minimum of three years, is definitely one of the best proposals in its category.

Capacity: 500 ml, alcohol content: 13%

Shipping in 24h!

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